JVKE – i’m not okay Lyrics

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i’m not okay Lyrics

You can kiss my love goodbye

Your lipstick stains washed with tears I cry

For the first time in a while

I can see through the lies

Bringing secrets to light

How could I be so naive to think I had you

Maybe I’m just dumb

I’m a fool, so naive

I guess I should’ve known

You don’t love me


You don’t love me

Maybe I’m just dumb

Down, bad

All my friends say you’re the worst

Down, bad

But I can’t see it, vision blurred

I know I look, kinda crazy (Crazy, crazy)

Oh yeah, but I’m feeling good

As of lately

Oh yeah, I let you live in my brain

‘Cause I kinda like the pain

Ooh! Breathe

Ooh! Breathe


I’m not okay, yeah I’m broken by you

I’m not okay

But that’s ay-okay with me

Details About i’m not okay Song

Song Title: i’m not okay

Artist: JVKE

Written By: JVKE & Zac Lawson

Produced By: JVKE & Zac Lawson

Release Date: September 23, 2022

Music Label: AWAL & JVKE

Knowledge & Facts

There are total 12 tracks in this is what ____ feels like album, was released on 23 September, 2022.

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